Why Hayley Hasselhoff Won’t Stop Fighting for Fashion Inclusivity

No matter what size you are, Hayley Hasselhoff has the same message: You are beautiful.

From the age of 14 when she became a curve model, Hayley had a front-row seat to the fashion world that didn’t always make every woman feel welcomed. More than a decade later, the 28-year-old actress and podcast host argues there is still work to be done.

Before launching her new podcast titled Redefine You: A Conversation For Wellbeing, Hayley opened up to E! News about her career and the change she hopes to see in the future.

“I think the most important thing for me is size inclusivity and representation,” she exclusively shared with E! News. “You know you want to be able to see yourself represented in the store and whether that comes through diversity or size, it’s one of the things where you want to be able to walk into a store and feel like they are designing for you because they have you in mind and are welcoming you and I don’t think that that is at a place just yet.”

Hayley continued, “There are amazing high-street brands who have opened up their size ranking, but they don’t have them on the floor, or if they do, it’s a small rock in the back. You want to be able to say that I’m just as valued as a customer to buy here and to celebrate myself through fashion as anybody else no matter what shape or size I’m at.”

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