Superior City Council approves convention center study

SUPERIOR, WI — Superior’s City Council approved a 60-thousand study into a new convention center to host much larger events.

City leaders said they see a market for a convention center to host business events, performances, and entertainment events.

“We’re missing the type of convention type of space to be able to hold larger conventions,” said City Economic Developer and Planner Jason Serck. “Essentially what we’re looking at is a feasibility study, so that will be everything from: will it work, what’s the size, who are the potential users of this, and what does it look like?”

It would be a venue for both national and local groups and most likely located in northern Superior by the waterfront.

Superior’s Development Association is paying for half of the study.

Executive Director Jim Caesar said there’s a market for convention centers in Superior.

“Our expectation is to have it at the north end of Superior and hopefully tie it into the waterfront,” Caesar said. “I believe it would generate another 100 to 150 million of additional investment over the next 10 to 15 years.”

The study is estimated to wrap up in the next two or three months.

The price of the possible convention center is not yet known.

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