Sony Starts Selling Lighter PS5 Models in Australia

Last month, there were reports of Sony working on a lighter PS5 Digital Edition. However, it turns out lighter versions of both PS5 models were in the works, and they just went on sale in Australia.

As Press Start reports, both new models are around 300 grams lighter and carry the updated model number CFI-1102A (launch models are CFI-1000). The only other change of note is to the screw used to secure the base in place. On the previous model, a screwdriver was required to tighten or loosen the screw, but the new models have a grip, allowing you to use your fingers instead.

Sony is introducing the new models quietly and for some reason chose Australia to get them first. There’s no detail on how 300 grams have been shaved off the weight, but it should make shipping them out to different territories and stores in bulk slightly cheaper. It shouldn’t take long for the comparisons between the old and new models to start appearing, but I’d be surprised if there were any differences discovered beyond the weight change.

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