Strategy to Evan Birnholz’s March 12 crossword, “Director’s Minimize”


The American Crossword Puzzle Match simply introduced its slate of constructors for the 2023 match: Kevin Christian, Kameron Austin Collins, Sam Ezersky, Joel Fagliano, Christina Iverson, Lynn Lempel, Andrea Carla Michaels, Mike Shenk, and Robyn Weintraub. Are you in for this 12 months’s tourney? If you’re, I’ll see you in Stamford.

It’s Oscar night time, so it’s time to take a seat again and experience a film puzzle. Seven words include the names of Oscar-winning movie administrators which were cut up aside by way of a letter. The theme clues include parenthetical film titles which constitute movies for which those administrators gained the Academy Award for absolute best director.

  • 24A: [Sternums (“Platoon”)] is BREASTBONES, containing Oliver STONE minimize by way of a B.
  • 45A: [“Dead Man’s Party” band with a rhyming name (“Parasite”)] is OINGO BOINGO, with BONG Joon-Ho minimize by way of an I.
  • 67A: [Attractive to viewers (“Brokeback Mountain”)] is TELEGENIC, with Ang LEE minimize by way of a G.
  • 69A: [Brand that touts itself as “The King of Beers” (“The Sound of Music”)] is BUDWEISER, with Robert WISE minimize by way of an E.
  • 83A: [Health clinic, e.g. (“It Happened One Night”)] is MEDICAL PRACTICE, with Frank CAPRA minimize by way of an L.
  • 100A: [Texas Revolution figure for whom Texas’s largest city is named (“The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”)] is SAM HOUSTON, with John HUSTON minimize by way of an O.
  • 104A: [Bitter, public feud (“The Quiet Man”)] is WAR OF WORDS, with John Ford minimize by way of a W.
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The revealer at 113A: [Oscar-winning film whose Oscar-winning director is spelled out by the letters cutting the circled Oscar-winning directors] is “THE HURT LOCKER.” That was once directed by way of Kathryn BIGELOW, whose identify cuts in the course of the different administrators’ names.

Amusing truth: Kathryn Bigelow’s identify additionally has the original belongings of being a heterogram — a notice the place each letter seems best as soon as each and every. I made use of that truth for a metapuzzle again in September 2016, even though again then I described her identify as an isogram. That’s additionally true, with the exception of an isogram refers to a notice the place each and every letter seems the similar choice of occasions, so a notice the place each letter seems two times (as in INTESTINES) counts as an isogram. A heterogram is one of those isogram, only one the place each and every letter seems best as soon as.

Every other solutions and clues:

  • 59A: [Movie star, e.g., briefly] is CELEB. This wasn’t intended as an advantage movie-related resolution, however it ended up crossing the middle of the grid.
  • 82A: [Man’s name found in “line drawings”] is NED, actually hiding in “line drawings.”
  • 118A: [“Such a strange and meaningless word,” per the rock musician Davey Havok] is EMO. Rather the colourful quote about probably the most extra disputed phrases in track, no? Justin Sayles on the Ringer wrote a word list of emo-related phrases that I’ll almost certainly seek the advice of for a couple of EMO clues.
  • 127A: [Subject of the Stargate Project, for which the CIA recruited alleged mind readers] is ESP. It’s a beautiful wild tale.
  • 5D: [Drive while dreaming?] is AMBITION. “Force” way “power” and “dreaming” refers to aspirations, even though perhaps it’s an indication of untamed ambition for those who’re riding a automotive when you’re asleep.
  • 35D / 60D: [With 60 Down, storied infiltrator of a thieves’ den] is ALI / BABA. Ultimate week we had this resolution as a one-word access, now we’ve it as two. It’s atypical that they ended up in the similar column within the grid.
  • 43D / 40D: [With 40 Down, hard-boiled hors d’oeuvre] is DEVILED / EGG. I didn’t clue it this fashion, however a unmarried deviled egg performed a job in one among my favourite “Futurama” gags.
  • 46D: [The Most ___ ___ (limited-edition cookie released in 2023)] is OREO. It’s been described as “an Oreo filled with Oreos.” Right here’s hoping we by no means run out of strange tactics to clue this notice.
  • 59D / 72A: [With 72 Across, soft drinks sold since 1886] is COCA / COLAS. The 3rd of 3 cross-referenced solutions on this puzzle. I didn’t plan any of them. Once in a while the puzzle simply works out that manner.
  • 88D is “SPARE ME” and proper subsequent to it at 89D is “COME NOW,” each clued as [“Oh, please”]. Expectantly the repetition offers you a greater response than the clues’ tone would counsel.
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In any case, remember that subsequent week’s puzzle has a meta, even though I imagine it’ll be more straightforward than the only from Tremendous Bowl Sunday.

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