Polestar 2 gets cheaper FWD model, gains available features for 2022

Polestar has released pricing information for the front-wheel-drive variant of the 2 it’s launching for 2022. Sending the rear-mounted motor back to the parts bin makes the electric sedan more affordable while increasing its range.

Detailed earlier in 2021, the entry-level 2 carries a base price of $45,900, though Polestar notes that figure can drop to $34,900 when federal, state, and utility incentives enter the equation. It’s nearly identical to the all-wheel-drive model inside and out, and both models are built on the same 78-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, but its drivetrain is rated at 231 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque, down from 408 and 487, respectively, for the all-wheel-drive model. As a tradeoff, the cheaper 2 offers an EPA-estimated maximum driving range of 265 miles.

In comparison, the all-wheel-drive 2 (which starts at $49,900 for 2022) offers up to 249 miles of range. Put another way, the entry-level model offers 44{028e8b43b440f88d50a94b0ac799d5b93a220d942414697744f001bd74eb64d0} less horsepower and about 6{028e8b43b440f88d50a94b0ac799d5b93a220d942414697744f001bd74eb64d0} more driving range for a $4,000 discount.

Buyers have three option packages to choose from. Priced at $4,000, the Plus Pack includes a new-for-2022 heat pump that can increase range by about 10{028e8b43b440f88d50a94b0ac799d5b93a220d942414697744f001bd74eb64d0} when the right conditions are met. It uses thermal energy emitted by the drivetrain to heat the cabin. The package also includes a full-length panoramic sunroof and a Harman-Kardon sound system, among other features. Next is the Pilot Pack ($3,200), which adds electronic driving aids. Finally, the Performance Pack ($5,000) brings 20-inch wheels, an adjustable Öhlins suspension system, Brembo brakes, Continental tires, and gold exterior accents. Only the dual-motor model can be ordered with the Performance Pack.

Standalone options include leather upholstery ($4,000), 20-inch wheels ($1,200), and a tow bar ($1,200). The latter isn’t as frivolous as it might sound: It has a 3,300-pound towing capacity, which Europeans will undoubtedly use. It’s not going to haul your fifth-wheel RV across Texas, but it’ll pull a couple of motorcycles parked on a small trailer.

Made in China, the 2022 Polestar 2 will arrive in America later in 2021. Looking ahead, Polestar also working on a range-topping, high-performance evolution of the sedan that it previewed at the Goodwood hill climb, and it’s busily developing a crossover named 3 that will be built in America. Last call has passed for the plug-in hybrid 1, however.

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