Model Brandy Gordon Makes Home Fitness a Breeze

Los Angeles-based model and fitness junkie Brandy Gordon has come on the scene to bring accessible workouts home via her social media platforms. — Photo courtesy Brandy Gordon / Thomas Herd

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After the covid-19 pandemic forced humanity largely indoors and away from populated settings, many people’s wellbeing suffered from not being able to go to the gym and workout routinely.

Unfortunately, a reported one in every three women and one in every four men do not exercise sufficiently to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Noting this disheartening statistic, Los Angeles-based model and fitness junkie Brandy Gordon has come on the scene to bring accessible workouts home via her social media platforms, making wellness simple and easy.

The beauty found her love for working out after entering the modeling industry at age 14, needing to keep her body in proper shape for jobs. What started out of necessity quickly turned into a passion, that now Gordon has now graciously chosen to share with her more than 415,000 followers.

Using her secondary Instagram account “Brandy Theory,” the multitalented model shares simple workout routines to keep the body model tight. Gordon likewise uses the platform to promote consistency and healthy mindsets, believing fitness can absolutely be amplified by a positive perspective on life.

Recently, Gordon has expanded her wellbeing advice and fitness tips to YouTube, a platform she had always looked to join, where she even edits her videos herself. The stunner also hosts a blog filled with her wealth of knowledge, giving a variety of ways for her followers to join in on her regimens and get moving.

“I think a lot of people don’t even know what workouts they should do,” said the model. “I want to make wellness way more attainable, and easier for people to accomplish.”

While continuing to model and grow her social media accounts, Gordon ultimately aims to design her own athleisure brand and keep developing her workout regimens. With lofty goals ahead, Brandy Gordon is certainly one to watch out for in the future of the fitness and wellbeing space.

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