Micro Extraordinary: Royalty Beauty Salon

Micro Extraordinary: Capturing extraordinary creators and entrepreneurs at their micro stage.

Welcome back to another Micro Extraordinary feature. This week, we’re featuring a talented young entrepreneur in the beauty industry. 

Lateshia Davis, the owner of local salon, Royalty Beauty Salon, established her business in 2016. Davis was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Early Branch, S.C.

The beauty industry has been a passion of hers since childhood.

“I watched my grandfather shave his face using a teacup with shaving cream and a straight razor in the mornings,” she recalls. “I watched my mom curl her hair and apply make-up so elegantly. I visited the local beauty parlor with my mother and was intrigued by the hair-cutting techniques. I was fascinated from the start, about four years old. I was the pre-K student that took her teachers make-up! Odd story but true.”

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