Leading Luxe Lifestyle Strategist Eliza Conner launches Financial Coaching Program to help women live a luxury lifestyle without breaking the bank

Luxe Lifestyle Financial Coaching Program by reputed financial strategist Eliza Conner is helping modern hard working women to live their dream life with control over their finances.

Hazelwood, MO – August 02, 2021 – Women having a hard time living their dream life due to financial hardships can finally heave a breath of relief. Top Luxe Lifestyle Strategist Eliza Conner has recently launched a cutting-edge Financial Coaching Program to help fellow women enjoy a luxury lifestyle without going broke. The Luxe Lifestyle Financial Coaching Program, as it is called, aims to empower women with the same proven money management and saving tips that helped Eliza to overcome her own financial struggles and achieve a successful queen-size life today. 

The Luxe Lifestyle Financial Coaching Program is Eliza’s signature 1 on 1 private coaching program, spanning across a duration of 6 months.  

In an exclusive interview, Eliza revealed that her signature financial coaching program is strategically designed to empower her clients in 3 major areas- building a winning Money Mindset that will lead the way to long-term wealth; developing essential Money Habits that will help to overcome debt, achieve a stellar credit score, and skyrocket bank account; proven Lifestyle Hacks to live the dream lifestyle the affordable way. 

“Even if it sounds too good to be true, you CAN live a fun and amazing lifestyle without breaking the bank. All it takes is the right education, a strategic mindset, and discipline. And this is where my signature Luxe Lifestyle Financial Coaching program will be your ultimate guidebook”, stated Eliza.

“My latest financial coaching program is bustling with all the proven tips and strategies that will transform your financial future and enable you to live a rich life without going broke. You will receive complete step-by-step guidance, hands-on support, tools, and all essential resources you need to learn the ultimate maxim of enjoying a luxury lifestyle yet without breaking the bank.”

The Luxe Lifestyle Financial Coaching Program covers: 

  • Private VIP Day (in-person or virtually) – a private 1-on-1 session where clients can discuss their financial and lifestyle goals. Based on the discussion, Eliza will create a personalized plan to guide the client on transforming her financial future.
  • 12 Bi-Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching Calls – 1-hour video calls every 2 weeks where Eliza will guide clients with step-by-step advice, support, and accountability. Clients will receive coaching on all aspects of money mindset, money management, improving credit and enhancing lifestyle design.
  • VIP Communication – Clients will be able to send emails and private messages directly to Eliza to receive feedback, guidance and needed support.
  • Done For You Credit Restoration – Eliza will support clients to restore and upgrade their credit score through her premier credit repair program
  • Customized Step-By-Step Lifestyle & Financial Plans – Eliza will support clients with a  customized step-by-step plan to help them achieve their dream financial goals and a luxe lifestyle. 

“By the end of the program, you will learn how to have control over your finances, attain and maintain a strong credit score, develop long-term wealth, and realize all your desires and dreams in life. I have your back.” 

Eliza’s signature Luxe Lifestyle Financial Coaching Program has already helped many women realize their dream of a luxury lifestyle in an affordable way.

“My experience with the Luxe Lifestyle financial coaching program has been life transforming!! Not only am I more conscious and intentional about my spending, but I actually know how to use credit cards to benefit me. The best part is I don’t have to worry anymore when it comes to my finances.” – Ayana

About Eliza Conner

A renowned financial strategist, money coach, and luxe lifestyle hacker, Eliza Conner specializes in empowering hardworking people to take control of their personal finances and live their dream luxury life.

For more information, please visit www.elizaconner.com 

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