KNC Beauty Links With A Bathing Ape on Limited Edition Collection

KNC Beauty and A Bathing Ape are fusing the worlds of streetwear and skin care.

On Wednesday, the all-natural beauty brand unveiled a limited edition collection with BAPE set to arrive this week. The range includes an assortment of skin care and beauty items as well as a grip of streetwear staples.

“This collaboration is a dream come true as I’ve been a BAPE head for over 15 years,’’ KNC Beauty founder Kristen Noel Crawley said in a press release. “BAPE has always been an inspiration to me dating back to our first KNC Beauty launch with BAPE-inspired camouflage print. Being able to use this iconic design and apply it to the ethos of KNC Beauty has been a wonderfully fulfilling experience for me.”

The collection, which marks BAPE’s second-ever beauty partnership, includes a “No Pics Please” protective mask, co-branded graphic hoodies, and a cropped tee with the iconic all-over camo print and the phrase, “Her face was a dream, her lips were the pillow.” On the beauty products side, the brands are offering the All-U-Need Supa scrub set, the Supa BAPE lip balm, a pack of lip masks, as well as an A1 amenity pouch to store all the goods.

“The KNC Beauty x A Bathing Ape collaboration has been a joy to produce,” said Kevin Le, A Bathing Ape brand partnerships manager. “We love the cool effortless vibe KNC Beauty provides and want to show our supporters beauty and fashion can go hand-in-hand.”

You can check out the limited edition collection below. The products will be available beginning Saturday at BAPE U.S. locations, US.BAPE.COM, and RSVP Gallery. The BAPE stores in Bangkok and London will only sell the apparel. 

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