Fashion Week in Rochester to be held in Henrietta in October

It’s the 12th year of Fashion Week, after being canceled last year because of COVID-19.

Organizers say the relocation to the dome is to celebrate the more than 200,000 COVID vaccine shots given out to Monroe County residents at that location.

Fashion Week Rochester raises money for the Center for Youth, focusing on youth homelessness and emergency programs.

“Without getting teary-eyed or too dramatic, when the message is ‘Stay home and stay safe, stay close to your family, be with those you love’ and you’re homeless, and you’re living in a place that is not safe, that’s a pretty cruel message, isn’t it?” said Center for Youth Executive Director Elaine Spaull. “So while many people found the pandemic kind of inconvenient, they couldn’t shop, they couldn’t go to the movies, they couldn’t go out to dinner, they could work at home, they were just sort of inconvenienced. Our young people were devastated.”

The show will be held from Oct. 12 through Oct. 16.

The following events and runway shows are scheduled:

  • Tuesday, Oct. 12 – Designer & Boutique Pop-Up Retail Event 
  • Wednesday, Oct. 13 – Light up the World Runway Show
  • Thursday, Oct. 14 – The Edge of Light Runway Show
  • Friday, Oct. 15 – Bright Lights, our Rochester Runway Show
  • Saturday, Oct. 16 – Light up the Night Finale Runway Show

Tickets will go on sale online in early September.

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