Fashion Forward event to be virtual instead of in person

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- For the second year in a row a local non-profit is having to move an annual fundraiser from in-person to virtual.

The Drew Lewis Foundation has held its Fashion Forward event for the last six years. The event helps provide under-served kids with new clothes, backpacks, and school supplies for the upcoming school year which the non-profit says helps build confidence.

“It’s very important for a mentality perspective. Having the confidence to start off that school year right can make all the difference. A lot of these families sometimes can’t afford to give their kids the newest and coolest outfits and that can degrade on the kid’s confidence, so we like to provide them with the newest and coolest, all of these outfits are brand new, not hand-me-down at all, and that really gives them that boost in confidence that they need to succeed in the school year,” says Zach Wilson with the Drew Lewis Foundation.

Although the seventh annual event is being held virtually, it is still jammed pack full of pre-produced and live content, including the annual kid’s catwalk. The catwalk allows kids to show off their new outfits. The event is being held Friday night from 6 to 7 p.m. with being sold at $25 a pice. Click here to purchase tickets.

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