Fashion Designer Shehla Khan Says Sustainable Couture Is The Focus Now

She was born in the fashion world and she worked with ace fashion designer Manish Malhotra during her early graduation. Her work has been showcased at the Lakme Fashion Week thrice with the gorgeous showstoppers like Karisma Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandes. She has worked a lot with Sonam Kapoor as well. Fashion designer Shehla Khan recently showcased her collection at the 8th Edition Vogue Wedding Show 2021 in a virtual format, which began on 31st March and shall end on August 31. In an exclusive interaction with HerZindagi’s Kishori Sud, Shehla Khan shared the fabric brides should go for if it is a day time wedding and that sustainable couture is also in focus.

What is your latest collection about?

I recently launched two collections simultaneously by the name of LOLA. One is a loungewearline using intricate lace details and satin fabrics to create a collection one can use as luxury loungewear at home and also dress up for an evening out. The second line is a pre-festive line using a signature floral print, velvet, and the brand’s constant which is lace to create a capsule collection that can be worn for different wedding functions be it intimate outdoor or ceremonies. There is one bridal look as well as looks for other people attending weddings.

What is the colour palette you suggest for all the would-be brides?

Sonam Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor are posing for a picture: shehla khan collection one

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shehla khan collection one

It really depends on the person who is getting married and what they envision their outfit to be.It’s a great thing that we have learnt to overlook norms as far as bridal wear is concerns.

Off late, many brides have taken to wearing sarees for their wedding day as some finda lehenga to be rather grand, heavy and a task to handle perhaps. What is your take?

I think it’s great. A wedding day is the most special day for a woman and what she feels themost beautiful and comfortable in is the only thing she should wear.

Best fabric you recommend for a person who wishes to go light and simple for adaytime wedding?

Sonam Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor are posing for a picture: shehla khan design two

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shehla khan design two

Chiffon, tulle or lace!

In Bollywood, after Sonam Kapoor, which celeb did you enjoy working the most withand why?

I love to be surrounded by beauty and go play whatever role I can in enhancing it. I’m privilegedto have worked with almost every actress and thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every one of them!

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Do you have a wish list of celebs that you always wanted to design for?

a woman posing for a picture: shehla khan design three

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shehla khan design three

Well yes, Rekha which still hasn’t happened. Then Karisma Kapoor who I’ve been an ardentfan of growing up and I managed to have her as my showstopper.

What is your take on sustainable fashion?

It’s extremely important. Sustainable couture is what we are trying our level best to cater to.

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What’s next in the pipeline?

Winter festive 2021/2022!

Message For Hz Readers

Do not follow trends. Always wear what you feel most comfortable and beautiful in andelegance lies in simplicity. Less is always more!

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