Crack open the beauty benefits of coconut oil to experience all sorts of good news

The beauty of coconut oil is that it’s super old but eternal for it does not stop itself from giving all that it has to you. Think about how many oils were seen as a trustable hair-growth enhancer back in the day? A handful of them but coconut oil is something that has a tale of its own since ages that speaks about catering to your overall health needs. The one that is natural, unbleached, and effective is something your body needs to chase after because be conscious of what you feed your body. 

Let’s take a scroll through all that coconut oil can do from head to toe in terms of helping you tick off your beauty checklist. 

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Makeup remover 

If you’re a fan of keeping your makeup on all day, the bad news is that you’re inviting damage. Always remember to erase every inch of your makeup even if it is made with natural ingredients. If a store-bought makeup cleanser isn’t your favourite, dip cotton pads into coconut oil and use these to clean it up. 

2) Moisturiser 

It’s a miracle worker that can help nourish extremely parched skin. Many thanks to its fatty acids, like linoleic and lauric that work to prevent dryness. Blend a tbsp of oil with your regular moisturiser and apply it to your body before you hit the sack at night. Although, if you have acne-prone skin, try to avoid the usage of this oil for it is slightly comedogenic that can block your pores and trigger acne. 

3) Dandruff-fighter 

Along with its nourishing benefits, it can also fight flakes that won’t let you sleep in peace with all that itchiness. Rich in antimicrobial and antifungal properties, this can help calm your scalp and reduce dandruff. Combine coconut oil with a few drops of tea tree essential oil and spread it on your scalp. 

4) Therapy for frizz and hair fall 

These problems can be quite troublesome to deal with because there are fuelled by myriad factors. Add ingredients like avocado pulp and mashed banana to make hair your weekly hair masks and don’t forget to add some coconut oil. 

5) Treats cracked heels 

Powered with naturally repairing properties, spread few tablespoons of coconut oil on your heels before you go to bed. It will help heal and soften the cracks. 

6) Fades stretch marks 

Coconut oils are also touted for their collagen-boosting properties that help plump up ageing skin and reduce wrinkles. If you’d like to fade stretch marks on your body, apply a thin layer of coconut oil every day. 

7) Teeth whitener and wards off bad breath 

Practice oil pulling. Every morning swish 1 tbsp of coconut oil inside your mouth for 5 minutes, This will help prevent cavities, foul odour, and brighten stained teeth.


What are your go-to hacks to keep your skin healthy? Let us know in the comments below. 

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