Cigar salon taking fire from neighboring apartment dwellers over odors

GLASSBORO – The heralded and expensive project that created Rowan Boulevard here did not anticipate a clash of lifestyles now going on between some residents of a luxury apartment and a co-located cigar salon.

Ralph D’Ambrosio and his wife, residents of Park Place South at 117 W. High St., are pressing borough government to satisfy their complaints. They are upset over what they describe as intrusive smoke and odors from Havanos at Town Square.

So far, local officials are saying little publicly since the couple first approached the borough in June.

Returning to the July 27 council meeting, Ralph D’Ambrosio told the mayor and council he was hoping for a response to “unravel the future probability that my wife and I will have to continue either (to) vacate our balcony or use oil diffusers and fans to mask the cigar odor smell.”

Solicitor Timothy Scaffidi responded the issue was complex, after cautioning the major and council members against speaking publicly. There are different laws to consider as well as lease provisions, he said.

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