Black-owned business organic wellness and beauty line organic plant based

Randi Woods wants to change how people relate to their bodies.

After years of struggling to find affordable, safe and sustainable products to care for her sensitive skin and hair, Woods decided to take matters into her own hands. 

“There were some products that I could use, some brands that were super clean, but they were out of my price range to keep buying. I have two daughters with a ton of hair,” the 39-year-old Akron native explained. 

With the guidance of a naturopath, Woods began to pay attention to what her skin had been trying to tell her. She came to understand how what she had been putting in or on her body was negatively affecting her — whether irritating foods or creams with harsh chemicals — and eliminated them from her diet. She researched ingredients that would calm her acne and began to experiment with making her own skincare products using only high-quality, natural ingredients. 

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