Beauty fan left mortified when her hair SNAPS off after bleaching it at home

BEAUTY treatments can be really expensive, especially if you’re going to the salon to get your hair bleached.

But it may just be worth the expense as one TikTok user proved.


Emily’s hair before bleaching itCredit: TikTok/@emmcpherson._
Unfortunately Emily's hair broke off after bleaching it at home


Unfortunately Emily’s hair broke off after bleaching it at homeCredit: TikTok/@emmcpherson._

Emily, 21, from the UK revealed her horrifying experience with DIY bleach on her TikTok account, Emmcpherson.

In the video, which has since received more than 2 million views, Emily reveals how her hair “snapped off” after she attempted to bleach her roots.

Captioning her video, Emily wrote: “Do I need to shave my hair off. Pls help.”

Unfortunately for Emily, the breakage happened right in the middle of her head where her crown starts.

In the video she writes: “Girls can someone help I’ve just bleached my roots and it’s snapped off WTF.”

Fellow beauty fans were left in hysterics over Emily’s blunder.

One commented: “Not the paintbrush I lost an hour ago vibing on tiktok.”

Another user responded: “Them rockhopper penguins.”

A third user replied: “Okay so dye your hair red and the little tuft green, like a strawberry.”

Several viewers came to Emily’s rescue with useful tips to get her hair in better condition and to hide the tuft of her hair.

Emily later revealed that she’d dyed her hair a bright orange and was covering up her tuft by wearing it up.

Emily's new orange hair is gorgeous and she can cover the breakage wearing it up


Emily’s new orange hair is gorgeous and she can cover the breakage wearing it upCredit: TikTok/@emmcpherson._

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