5 Things to keep in mind before getting a pet suggested by expert

Pets are our babies forever. Whether it is giving unconditional love or teaching us about all the good things in the world, a pet make your life worth living. They can be your best companion who help you to cope with stress or any kind of unpleasant feelings. So, if you are planning to bring a pet, here are a few things to keep in mind shared by Anjali Kalachand, Co-Founder of A Petter Life.



Do you work for long hours? Travel a lot? Are you willing to sacrifice that lifestyle to commit time to your pet? Are you willing to invest the time needed for house breaking and general training?



Pets require good nutrition and regular medical check-ups to maintain good health. Establish a budget for maintaining your pet, and look for an animal for yourself whose day-to-day requirements comprising routine medical checks, nutrition and grooming fit within that budget.

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Pets are not objects or status symbols. They are living beings who become attached to their families. We recommend getting a pet if you are willing to add one more member to your family, and not just for amusement.



If you suffer from allergies, you can look for a hypoallergenic breed like poodle or poodle mixes, they don’t shed and hence have less of a likelihood of causing allergies.

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Safety and size of your house

Loose wires, small objects that could be ingested inadvertently, escape routes that may not be sealed, open windows, terraces without adequate safety, should all be pet-proofed. Further, if you are to get a pet that requires a large area to move about, and the size of your house may restrict such movement, you may want to reconsider the size of your pet.


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