20 best hydrating facial mists of 2021

Open the refrigerator in my kitchen at any given time and you will find at least two bottles of facial mist hanging out amongst the condiments, ready for spraying on my face every time I open the door to grab something.

The cool mists, which often smell of cucumber or rosewater, are one of my guilty pleasures: Nothing feels better than a light spritz of chilled mist in the middle of the work-from-home day, or first thing in the morning while I wait for my coffee to brew.

I also keep face mists in my mini skin care fridge — a small refrigerator where I keep skin care products that perform best when cold. And, have created a monster in my tween daughter, who hoards facial mists in her room, as well.

So I chatted with cosmetic dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank about facial mists and asked him if there’s more to the magic than just fancy smells and cooling liquid.

What are the benefits of facial mist?

“Face mists are great for a boost of hydration after cleansing or at the end of your skin care regimen,” Dr. Frank told Shop TODAY. “They also prime the skin for makeup, giving the face a healthy glow.”

Frank says while some mists claim to brighten the skin, he recommends them for hydration and setting makeup. For those looking to treat acne, he recommends products that contain salicylic acid.

“It is essential for those with acne-prone skin to avoid any facial mists that contain oil,” said Frank, adding that he prefers mists that contain antioxidants and avoids ones that contain alcohol.

When should you use facial mist?

When it comes to how and when to use facial mists, Frank says it’s up to you.

“You can use them anytime throughout the day to refresh dry skin or cool the skin,” he said, “especially while traveling or during the hot summer months.”

We’ve rounded up 20 great options for hydrating facial mists, from ones that prime and set makeup to others that illuminate the skin.

Top-rated facial mists

1. Niema Beauty Rose Water Hydrating Mist

With antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, this facial mist is designed to restore the skin’s natural pH levels, leaving it hydrated and healthier.

2. Repechage Algo Mist Hydrating Seaweed Facial Spray

For a glowing complexion, try this mist from Repechage, which contains orange water, seaweed extract, vitamin C and aloe, and is perfect for everything from spritzing skin on the beach to freshening up midway through the work day.

3. Beautyblender Re-Dew Set and Refresh Spray

This fine mist is perfect for setting makeup, reviving the skin or giving your skin a midday boost of hydration.

4. WEN by Chaz Dean Bella Spirit Revitalizing Mist

Formulated with herbal botanical waters and amino acids, this multipurpose moisturizing mist can be spritzed onto the face to set makeup or used as a leave-in conditioning treatment for hair.

5. Oh.So About Face Duo

This duo of facial mists contain colloidal silver to banish bacteria, and contain either geranium and vanilla essential oils or moisturizing rosewater.

6. Luzern Labs Firming Facial Mist

Give skin an instant boost of radiance with this hydrating and firming mist, made with ingredients like mineral-rich Alpine water and hyaluronic acid. This mist smells of lemongrass and lemon verbena, giving it a refreshing fragrance perfect for spritzing.

7. Blendily Cool as a Cucumber Facial Toner

Containing witch hazel extract and aloe, this spray toner helps alleviate symptoms of sun exposure and makes a great hydrating facial toner.

8. Kaibae Microbiome Mist

Designed to keep the skin’s microbiome healthy, this innovative mist contains antioxidants, supports acne prone skin and minimizes aging from the sun’s rays.

9. Afore The Effusive

Formulated with 100mg of CBD, this mist also contains vitamin C, witch hazel and green tea to calm and cool the skin while giving it a youthful glow.

10. Elizabeth Grant Green Power with Hemp Seed Oil Mist

Packed with hemp seed oil and powerful superfood actives, this mist is designed to give dull and fatigued skin a burst of hydration and nourishment.

11. Orpheus Resurrection Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence

Silky and hydrating, this facial mist protects from harsh pollutants and gives skin a dewy glow using a bio-luminescent flower extract.

12. St. Moriz Radiant Glow Face Tanning Mist

The more you use this gentle tanning water, the more you will glow. This tanning spray is streak-free and contains moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E.

13. Alder New York Cooling Mineral Hydro Mist

This super-fine mist is designed to give skin a reset after activities like prolonged sun exposure or workouts. It’s also perfect for your everyday skin care routine, as it’s packed with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, soothing extracts and a calming eucalyptus-peppermint fragrance.

14. Julep Mist Much Coconut Water Facial Mist

A multitasking facial mist designed to prime skin and lock in moisture, this spritz is perfect for prepping the skin for makeup, keeping your look in place and hydrating throughout the day.

15. ColorUp Mist Hydrating Tonic

Cucumber extract offers a cooling feeling when this mist is sprayed onto the face, while lilac extract heals damaged skin. Ingredients like neroli, rose and geranium also moisturize and firm skin while giving it a refreshing boost.

16. Superbloom Skin Soak Face Mist

Cactus flower and aloe are two plants known for their water retention abilities, so this facial mist is perfect for moisturizing skin, setting makeup or refreshing skin throughout the day.

17. Lumene Valo Glow Refresh Hydrating Mist

With vitamin C to brighten the complexion, this mist is all about improving the texture of skin and enhancing the skin’s luminosity. It’s also made with pure Arctic spring water, which has a skin-friendly pH.

18. Lilah B. Aglow Face Mist

Lightweight and sheer, this face mist helps keep skin moisturized and sets makeup for longer-lasting wear. It also contains dandelion extract to detoxify skin and lavender essential oil to promote a sense of well-being.

19. Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate the Mist

This hydrating mist is perfect for daily use, whether packing the bottle for poolside relaxation or spritzing it on after a long day at the office.

20. Li Organics Palmarosa Revival Mist

For skin that’s noticeably more revived, hydrated and nourished you can’t go wrong with this facial mist, which contains the tropical essential oil palmarosa.

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